Do Sitemaps Helps Google SEO

Do Sitemaps Helps Google SEO

Many person do sitemaps to make website search engine optimization better and make good rank in search engines (e.g. Google etc). A list of links in sitemap navigate the search engine to check how many pages on your website. Sitemaps helps to get content of pages and crawl it by Google and other engines.

SEO Advantages of sitemaps

  • Navigate the users to visit all pages of the website.
  • Navigate bots to crawl the data and add it in search engine.
  • Helps to Optimize the content in search and present it up in a better way.
  • SEO optimize the images via sitemaps.
  • Videos also optimize in sitemap.

Where we get the better SEO plugins in wordpress

There are many plugins in wordpress directory for sitemaps but i have a premium plugin mention below to make your website better in search engine like Google etc. This is a premium plugin but it is very easy to use and connect it with webmaster tool and index your business on Google and other search engines.

BlackBox Sitemap Plugin

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